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My mission is to create an atmosphere where my clients receive a customized engagement designed for the unique individual that they are, and to create a space which honors the confidentiality and trust that they need to do their developmental work.



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Deiadre has spent two-thirds of her career living and working internationally. She maintains a truly global perspective, bolstered by assignments in London, Kuala Lumpur, Brussels and elsewhere around the world. She has over 30 years of experience working as a leader both domestically and internationally.

With a degree in Materials Science Engineering from Purdue University, Deiadre is a structured thinker and is keenly interested in how the way we think impacts how we feel and what we do as leaders. Deiadre’s unique blend of business experience, cultural awareness, and a love of helping people to get what they want out of life, prompted her pursuit of coaching as a profession.

Personal Vision

Setting a personal vision is a key way to give yourself time to reflect on where you would like to be in the future. A personal vision gives you a roadmap for your your journey. Purpose Driven research confirms that setting your vision gives you a higher chance of seeing it happen. Clients can project their vision for the year, or a three year vision.

Transformational Results

Setting your vision may be your first step towards transformational growth. The second step is to begin the deep work from your own internal self to move towards transformation. From Mathatma Ghandi, "If we could change ourselves, the tendencies of the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him".

Developmental Growth

Horizontal Growth is learning new skills and adding information and knowledge into your life. Vertical Growth, or developmental growth, begins to transform the way you think about and interpret your experience. Vertical Development uses your wisdom an experience to shift your view of the world.

Emotional Awareness

Emotional Awareness is the capacity for recognizing your own feelings and those of others, and for managing emotions in ourselves and others. In order to be emotionally aware, your first begin with yourself, your own emotions and how they drive your behavior. What you think, say and do are in harmony when you are working out of a place of emotional awareness.

Deiadre is an outstanding coach. She has an extraordinary ability to guide executive level thinking about core management functions that quite literally determine the success or failure of small non-profit companies. Deiadre combined her long-time experience in both corporate and non-profit environments, to help me develop strategies to maximize productivity among support staff and reward excellence among my management team. She is highly professional and an absolute delight to work with.

Ellen O'Neill

Executive Director, Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center

When it comes to anything and everything to do with Leadership Circle Profile (LCP), Deiadre is simply THE BEST.  She is a highly effective leadership coach, as well as has deep competency in this world class 360 assessment.  She knows how to help leaders turn insights provides by LCP into actions that dramatically improves leadership effectiveness. Whenever I have any questions about LCP, Deiadre is the one I turn to.  In addition, Deiadre is truly a joy to work with and she is always fully committed to clients success.

Vinay Kumar, PCC

Executive & Leadership Coach, Author, Vistage Speaker

Inspiring! As the co-founder and co-President of the ITL Network, Deiadre inspired me and our fellow board members to launch the ITL Network with an ambitious vision and flawless execution. With her enthusiasm, we raised 40% more in launch funds than we hoped, enabling us deliver a highly successful, inaugural conference in 2019. I especially appreciate Deiadre’s positivity, bold vision, and co-creative energy. Her leadership definitely brought out my best.

Cathy Carroll

President, Legacy Onward / Co-President of the ITL Network

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Coaching comes in many shapes and sizes – and there are many contexts in which we all benefit from coaching. At TFD Leadership Coaching, I focus on customizing a coaching program to what an individual client needs.

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