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Coaching for Coaches

I have expanded my coaching practice into mentoring and holding coaching sessions for coaches, which I have found I truly enjoy. I have a consulting area of expertise with the Leadership Circle Profile for coaches who need help with difficult debriefs, or how to introduce The Leadership Circle into organizations. And I am working on workshops for coaches in this area as well.

Join our Workshops

My colleague, Vinay Kumar and I, are offering several workshops around the topic of “Advancing your Coaching Practice-Leveraging the Power of the LCP” in 2020 and 2021. We will be expanding our “Advancing your Coaching Practice” series of workshops in 2021. We hope you can join us at one of the upcoming workshops!

Improve your Coaching Skills

I am available for Coaching for Coaches around how to work with The Leadership Circle™ with individual clients or in organizations. I am also registered as an ICF Mentor Coach to help new coaches obtain their ACC, start their practice or talk through different coaching issues.

Vanessa DeFournier, Executive Coach

Inner Latitude Leadership Coaching

When I was getting trained as an executive coach at Georgetown, I was lucky to get offered a mentor-coach. We could actually provide some information regarding the type of characteristics we expected our mentor to have, so I went on and indulged ! I said I would love a mentor who had travelled, who knows what it means to balance work and personal life, who had also transitioned from jobs corporate to coaching and entrepreneurism. I have to believe that the matching coordinator was the best you could ever have, as I was privileged to be matched with Deiadre as my mentor coach.

There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am for Deiadre’s support. Deiadre is a wonderful coach, she is truly empathetic, a great listener, who is truly able to bring the best out of you because she trusts her clients capacity to find their own solutions. With her I felt supported, I felt challenged, I felt empowered and I had the incentives and tools to continue progressing in my practice. Deiadre also brings a fascinating background to her work, both professionally and personally. Being the mother of three, having had a very successful professional career, having relocated many times, she is a very wise, emotionally balanced and spiritual person. I felt inspired by her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach or a mentor coach.