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Coaching for Organizations

I work with organizations in many different ways. Designing and implementing Leadership Development Programs for Leadership Cohorts, Teams or organizations as a whole; Facilitating workshops or seminars on targeted Leadership topics such as team building, trust, presence and Authenticity; and helping rising leaders find their authentic leadership style.

Coaching with the Leadership Circle™


My “Go-To” set of tools for both individual and organizational Leadership Development is The Leadership Circle Profile™, The Collective Leadership Assessment™ and the Leadership Systems™, all products of the Full Circle Group™ and The Leadership Circle™. Click on the links below to go to the sites to learn more about these tools:

Vinay Kumar, PCC
Executive & Leadership Coach, Author, Vistage Speaker

When it comes to anything and everything to do with Leadership Circle Profile (LCP), Deiadre is simply THE BEST. She is a highly effective leadership coach, as well as has deep competency in this world class 360 assessment. She knows how to help leaders turn insights provides by LCP into actions that dramatically improves leadership effectiveness. Whenever I have any questions about LCP, Deiadre is the one I turn to. In addition, Deiadre is truly a joy to work with and she is always fully committed to clients success.

The Leadership Circle Profile

A 360 assessment that measures both Leadership Competencies, which measure leadership skills, and the Reactive Tendencies, which help the client understand their beliefs and assumptions that may may be effecting their overall Leadership Effectiveness. This “from the inside out” look at clients as leaders helps clients find their own authentic leadership.


The Collective Leadership Assessment

This assessment measures the overall view of how the people in the organization view their current leadership culture, and how the would like the future leadership culture to look for optimum results. This can be used organization-wide, or in a smaller subset of the organization. The Gap between where the group sees the Leadership Culture and where they would like it to be is full of rich conversations around leadership and culture.


The Leadership Systems

The Leadership System™ is a one to two year program that can be used in your organization as a robust Leadership Development Program. It utilizes the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 assessments to kick off an in depth program with tools for the individual leaders to get personalized leadership information and coaching to develop their own leadership development plans, a system to track quarterly results of their plan and a series of half day workshops throughout the year for the group to learn together as a cohort on specifically chosen topics around leadership.