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The best way to see if there is a fit between you and your coach is to have a conversation with them. That’s why I offer all prospective clients a free one-hour introductory session. You can tell me what you are looking for in a coach, and what areas you want to work on in the coaching engagement. You can ask me what my coaching style is, and what approaches and techniques I use. Or ask what my coaching sessions look like. I can talk to you about case studies with other clients that may have similar experiences as yours. Most importantly, you can ask me what my customized approach for you will look like.

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Coaching comes in many shapes and sizes – and there are many contexts in which we all benefit from coaching. At TFD Leadership Coaching, I focus on customizing a coaching program to what an individual client needs.

I will be happy to customize a coaching program for you as an individual, your team or your organization.